Vehicle Registration Cancellations in Florida – Wrong Vehicle or Name

  If your eTags registration renewal order was cancelled because of “Wrong Vehicle or Name”, this means the plate number entered either does not match the name entered as the registered owner or the make of the vehicle. Two fields … Continue Reading →

Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Tag Does Not Exist

When your eTags renewal order is cancelled because the tag could not be found in the state DMV database, this could be because:   1. The plate number was entered incorrectly. Sometimes, zeros (0) could be confused for the letter O. … Continue Reading →

Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Already Renewed or Not in Renewal Period

    If you have already renewed (in person, by mail or online), you cannot renew again until you are within your next renewal period. You must wait until your next renewal period which is: • If registered to a person, 90 days before … Continue Reading →

Who Is Responsible for the Registration and Renewal of a Leased Automobile?

For many motorists, leasing a vehicle makes good financial sense – especially if you are the type who wants the latest technology and style with their automobile.  Leasing involves less of a financial commitment than buying an automobile, and you … Continue Reading →

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