What to Expect with Delivery Times and Remaining Federal Holidays


At eTags, one of our main focuses is assuring your renewal is processed quickly and efficiently. Your tags are shipped to the address provided at the time of order and usually arrive in 2 to 7 business days depending on where in the state or US they are going. USPS is a long trusted mail service and it is what we use to make sure you get your registration documents. It is important to know that USPS observes all Federal holidays which may, in some cases, delay delivery time.

If you are planning to renew your vehicle registration in the remaining months of 2016, please be aware of these federal holidays in which USPS facilities are closed nationwide:

  • Columbus Day – Monday Oct 10th
  • Veterans Day – November 11th
  • Thanksgiving Day – November 24th
  • Christmas Day – Observed December 26th


Hurricane Mathew recently brushed on the east coast of Florida which resulted in closing of Post Offices and some delays in transportation in some areas. While most Florida vehicle owners will likely not experience any delays from this, some shipments to cities on the east coast may experiencing longer than usual sorting times.

If you have any quesitons about the status or delivery time of your order with eTags, you can contact us directly here.

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