Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Wrecker Operator Liens

The Department of Motor Vehicles has been notified by a tow company with the proper proof and completed paperwork to place a deferral, stop, or hold to the registration renewal of the vehicle in question. The tow company is placing the hold on the registered owner’s vehicle for failure to pay costs associated with the recovery, towing and storage of the vehicle under the following conditions:
• It was a tow requested by law enforcement
• It was towed from public property, (not private property)
• The tow company received a Certificate of Destruction

The registered owner must contact the tow company that has placed the lien on their vehicle and resolve the matter with them so that they may lift the lien by filling out and submitting a Discharge of Wrecker Operator’s Lien to the department of motor vehicles to lift the lien from the registered owner’s record.

2 Responses to “Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Wrecker Operator Liens”

  1. petee pete says:

    The vehicle in question as the first paragraph states —if this vehicle is destroyed by the wrecker company then will thw lien be removed or will the lien affect other vehicles owned by the same. person

  2. M. V. says:

    What if the tow company filed the lien morw than 5 years ago? Statutes say there is 5 year ezoirarion to the lien. Can the maximum fees (7days towing and atorage) be discharged? How to get tow xomapny to comply, if they atill want their money?

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