Vehicle Registration Cancellation in Florida – Insurance Issues

Valid insurance is not being reported by the state’s database for the vehicle in question because:
• The vehicle identification number (VIN) provided by the registered owner’s insurance company when they reported the most recent coverage information does not match the VIN number in the state’s motor vehicle database
• The registered owner’s insurance company has failed all together to report on coverage to the state
• Registered owner, in fact, does not have valid insurance or their coverage has lapsed.

If the registered owner is close to their expiration date or their registration has already expired, they will need to renew their registration in person at a tax collector’s office or by mail showing proof of current insurance coverage.

If the registered owner’s registration is not expiring for a month or more, they should contact their insurance company and request that they electronically file current FL insurance information and verify the correct VIN is listed on their policy to the motor vehicle database. After the insurance is reporting correctly, the registered owner can attempt to renew online again.

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