Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Child Support Issue

There are many agencies that can place a stop or hold on a vehicle owner’s ability to renew their registration. if you have a “child support issue” being reported for your plate number, this is because the Department of Motor Vehicles has been notified by an authorized agency such as the Department of Revenue that unpaid amounts are due or other requirements have not been met. This may include, but is not limited to, the following actions enforced for non-compliance with the issuing agency:
• Suspension of driver
• Liens placed on registered vehicles
• Registered owner is found in contempt of court and is required to pay court fees in addition to past-due child support balance
• Issuance of an arrest warrant for extended time of non-payment of child support

The registered owner will need to contact Clerk of Courts to find out what the exact reason for the hold is and resolve the matter to be able to renew their vehicle’s registration.

Learn more about child support actions imposed on non-custodial parents here:


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