Vehicle Registration Cancelled in Florida – Tag Not Attached to Vehicle

The plate number entered on our website,, does not match the vehicle information provided for reasons such as:
• The plate number of a vehicle they are no longer using (sold, salvaged, in use by an acquaintance, etc) and put it on a new vehicle without properly transferring the plate and notifying the state of the change.
• The dealership where the owner recently leased or purchased their vehicle failed to transfer the plate properly or update their systems to notify the DMV/tax collector.
• The owner mistakenly entered a valid plate number that is not associated with their vehicle make or the registered owner.


The owner will need to have the plate legally issued to their vehicle by contacting their local tax collector’s office if they improperly used the plate on new vehicle or contact their dealer if this is the first time the owner is renewing the registration after purchasing/leasing the it.

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