Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Tag Does Not Exist

When your eTags renewal order is cancelled because the tag could not be found in the state DMV database, this could be because:


  • 1. The plate number was entered incorrectly. Sometimes, zeros (0) could be confused for the letter O. The letters I or L could be confused for the number one or vice versa. The letter S and the number 5 are also sometimes confused. The tag number can be updated and your order reactivated by calling or emailing the eTags Customer Service Team.
  • 2. The last time a renewal was completed for the vehicle, a new license plate was automatically issued by the state but it was not received by the vehicle owner(s). If the is the case, the entity that completed the renewal would have had to send the new license plate along with the decal (yellow sticker) and registration card. The license plate number can be updated and the eTags order can be reactivated, however, a new license plate will not be issued unless it is obtained through the agency you last renewed or if we receive a police report confirming the plate was lost or stolen.



If you are positive that the license plate entered for your eTags order is correct, you will need to contact your local Tax Collector’s office to inquire why your plate number cannot be found in the state DMV system.


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