Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – License Suspension


When an eTags renewal order is cancelled because of a suspended license, it is because the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has been notified by the Clerk of Courts or other authorized agency to place a hold, also known as a deferral or stop, on the registration of a vehicle owned by the individual. Some of the reasons why a license may be suspended include:

• Failure to appear in court for a traffic summons
• Failure to pay a traffic ticket (aside from officer issued tickets, a person may have a ticket from a red light camera or toll violation depending on whether that county issues unified traffic citations for tolls)
• Failure to attend court ordered schooling or driver education course
• Delinquency in child support payments
• Unused car tag for a plate that was not surrendered when required
• Excessive point accumulation for diving offenses
• At fault traffic violation resulting in serious death or injury
• Fraudulent attempt was made when obtaining the current driver’s license
• Suspension for inability to drive a vehicle safely (usually drug or alcohol related)

The license holder needs to address this issue with the appropriate agency and have the suspension lifted before attempting to renew the registration of the vehicle. Most ticket and court related matters are solved with the Clerk of Courts in the county where the violation was issued. If it’s a child support issue that caused the license suspension, the individual will need to contact the Department of Revenue (DOR) at 800-622-5437 or by visiting their website. If the license holder is unaware of why their license was suspended, they can contact the Florida DMV directly at 850-617-2000 or their local tax collector for more information.

Once the license suspension is lifted and the registration hold is removed, the eTags renewal order can be reactivated by contacting the eTags Customer Service team.

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