Vehicle Registration Holds in Florida – Toll Violations


When an eTags renewal order is cancelled because of a toll violation, it is because the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has been notified by one of the major toll agencies to place a hold, also known as a deferral or stop, on the registration renewal of the vehicle registered to the offending license plate.

The agency who issued the hold  may be Sunpass, Toll-By-Plate, a collection agency assigned by the two aforementioned, E-Pass (Central Florida), and/or LeeWay (Lee County). The toll violation must be satisfied (payed) through the independent agency or company placing a hold on the registration. eTags customers are informed of the toll company that placed the hold by email. Once the hold is removed within 24 to 48 hours after the toll is satisfied, the eTags renewal order can be reactivated by contacting an eTags Customer Service agent. To contact any of the major toll agencies, please reference the information below:

  • SunPass – Most of Florida
    • 888-865-5352 |


  • Toll-by-Plate  – All-electronic (non-Sunpass Account Holders) on Turnpike system roadways
    • 888-824-8655 |


  • Collection Agencies  – Issued to by Sunpass or Toll-By-Plate
    • Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson – 877-258-5261 |
    • Alliance One – 800-668-2501 |


  • E-Pass – Central Florida Expressway Authority (Orlando Area)
    • 800-353-7277 |


  • MDX – Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (South Miami Area)
    • 855-277-0848 |


  • THEA – Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority
    • 813.272.6740 |


  • LeeWay – Lee Couny (Fort Myers Area)
    • 239-533-9297 |

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